A Ministry for Men and Women ... 

The WORD Ministry is a unique opportunity for men and women to allow God to move deeply into their hearts and lives. Through training in discipleship, spiritual disciplines, sharing personal testimonies, service, and growing in community to other men and women, we are developing fully engaged followers of Jesus. And it is this team of followers that learns how to take the living WORD into every part of their world.   The WORD ministry offers each participant the chance to examine their relationship with the Lord, and the opportunity to attain a deeper connection to Him.  This ministry is focussed on developing followers of Christ, who can reach other men and women, and share the love of Christ.  

W.O.R.D. is an acronym for  Worship, Obedience, Relationships, and Discipleship, which are the foundational principles of this ministry. Through these tenets, team members and retreatants obtain a better understanding of God's extravagant love for them, and encourages them to share that love with others through involvement in a local church  community.  


What is the WORD Retreat?


The WORD  Retreat is a three day retreat that begins on Thursday evening and ends at a Celebration service at the host church. The Word Retreats for men and women are held separately, with the support of church communities. The WORD Retreat's focus is to help men and women experience the love and grace of Christ through the Gospel story and in relationship to meeting the TEAM and being serviced by them.  


Our TEAM  is made up of individuals who have being involved in a 10 week training program in the life of Christ Jesus and learning how to stage a WORD Retreat. It is in "TEAM" that this growth starts and moves into developing fully devoted followers of Jesus. TEAM is where the real action of this ministry takes place and where lives are change forever.  


Men's WORD Retreat Brochure  

Download and share the 2014 Men's Word Retreat brochure with a friend. Once you download it you can email a copy and invite your friends to a powerful and life changing experience.

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